Mobile Security

The mobile security section includes hands-on guides for a number of Freeware or Open Source smartphone applications which will help to make your smartphone use more secure. As with the hands-on guides for computer applications, they guide you through the process of downloading and configuring the applications, and include screenshots and step-by-step instructions to help you follow along.

The applications can be downloaded in .apk-file form from the developers' websites by following the link provided in the relevant hands-on guide. They can also be found in the Google Play store.

For security reasons, you should always try to use the current version of these tools. The included version of some tools may be more recent than the version that was used to create the corresponding Hands-on Guide. In such cases, the user interface of that tool may differ differ slightly from what is shown in the Guide.

The hands-on guides included in the mobile security section are currently only available on Android devices. However, they will be expanded to include iPhone applications in the near future.